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Has passed 1. month since september- #CoronaNeverForget #CovidStop

#Covid and its 12 and mutating strains

Problem of the year 2019-202X

Each weak variant can make infection. Heres is list of more dangerous variants, whose mutations needs to be stopped.

Designated VOCNotable mutationsTransmissibilityHospitalisationMortalityFrom natural infection[A]From vaccination
AlphaB.1.1.720I (V1) United Kingdom20 Sep 2020[33]18 Dec 2020[34]69–70del, N501Y, P681H[35][36]+29% (24–33%)[28][G]+52% (47–57%)[H][G]+59% (44–74%)[H][G]Minimal reduction[15]Minimal reduction[15]
BetaB.1.35120H (V2) South AfricaMay 202014 Jan 2021[40]K417N, E484K, N501Y[35]+25% (20–30%)[28]Under investigationPossibly increased[17][22]Reduced, T cell response elicited by D614G virus remains effective[15][22]Efficacy reduction against symptomatic disease,[L] retained against severe disease[22]
GammaP.1 (B. (V3) BrazilNov 202015 Jan 2021[38][39]K417T, E484K, N501Y[35]+38% (29–48%)[28]Possibly increased[22]+50% (50% CrI, 20–90%)[I][J]Reduced[15]Retained by many[K]
DeltaB.1.617.221A IndiaOct 20206 May 2021[26]L452R, T478K, P681R[27]+97% (76–117%)[28]+85% (39–147%) relative to Alpha[D]+137% (50–230%)[B]Reinfections happened, with smaller occurrence rate than vaccinated infections[E][31]Efficacy reduction for non-severe disease[22][31][F]
OmicronB.1.1.52921K South Africa9 Nov 2021[41]26 Nov 2021[24]P681H, N440K, N501Y, S477N, many others[42]Possibly increased[43]−57% (59–61%) relative to Delta[44]−63% (69–74%) relative to Delta[45]Increased reinfection rate[43]Efficacy reduction against symptomatic disease, unknown for severe disease[43]


Novel SARS-CoV-2 – China


#Alpha B.1.1.7 20I (V1) United Kingdom 20 Sep 2020
#Beta B.1.351 20H (V2) South Africa May 2020
#Gamma P.1 (B. 20J (V3) Brazil Nov 2020
#Delta B.1.617.2 21A India Oct 2020


#Omicron B.1.1.529 21K South Africa 9 Nov 2021


Game of the year 2021-202X

Year game with vaccines and masks won’t need to be made, and this is a multiplayer game.

We have to save the lives of people dying from deadlier viruses? With vaccines, if it let viruses in the country, where everyone could be checked if don’t have any virus. Now with the covid situation, we found that for many viruses restrictions if are very weak, then they don’t work and are useless if anyone from that dies, get weaker because vaccines haven’t been administered, so there are forged documents with doctors faking being doctors, but just having a doctor education, but is not vaccine administrator. Need to make live video checking. But first, we need to stop the currently deadliest virus. Covid has now multiple strains 200 and 14 dangerous ones…. comming update with details.



With closed borders, so we don’t have to walk around viruses with masks and vaccines, while there’s none for sale on market. Since main reason is, that there’s no border closed, we get virus too close that we need to use masks and cant walk to get virus until it is stopped.